Blown Glass Pendant Lights for Unique Kitchens

Blown Glass Pendant Lights for Unique Kitchens

Blown Glass Pendant Lights


If you are considering remodeling your kitchen and ready to try something completely new, using blown glass pendant lights will transform your ordinary kitchen into extraordinary and unique.

One reason blown glass pendant lights add a unique flair to your kitchen is the different visual effect when it is lit compared to unlit. In most pendant lights, colors in the glass transform from what looks like dark, opaque tones when unlit. Then when you flip the light switch, the pendant’s colors seem lighter and reveal a unique and multi-dimensional eye-catching glow. This Canale Winter Dusk Glass Canister Pendant is a perfect example, in this case, of blues and blacks mystically convert to yellows, oranges, and reds when lit.


Blown Glass Pendant Lights for Kitchen

The artist attains these magnificent color combinations through knowing their design and chemistry, as well as using very rich and consistent colored glass rods that have been specially developed for glass blowers. A very reliable and trustworthy source such as Olympic Color Rods in Seattle, Washington, has thousands of colors for artists to make their selections from, to create that perfect color recipe shown here.

Another inspiring blown glass pendant lights illustration is the Steel Blue Tiny Bubbles Blown-glass Pendant Light. It features small air pockets captured in the glass in uniform rows, adding drama and a bit of mystery. You can’t help but stop and appreciate the craftsmanship and wonder what it took to make those little bubbles so nicely spaced throughout the glass. This comes in four color options: Topaz, Magenta, Hyacinth and Steel Blue, to blend nicely or stand out in your kitchen’s color-scheme, depending on your personal preference.


Hand Blown Glass Pendant Lights


Adding to the uniqueness is how every pendant is never exactly alike in the pattern – slight variations occur during the hand blowing process.

For placement, hang pendants in a set of two or three over your kitchen island or bar counter, or a single pendant over the sink. Position the pendant high enough to be out of your way, but low enough to be able to admire the artisan work that went into creating your unique piece. You’ll be delighted with what beauty the pendant light brings to your kitchen space.

Browse our fascinating collection of blown glass pendant lights and find that dazzling one that grabs your attention, to make your kitchen unique.