Chandelier Types and Styles Guide


The chandelier has been a popular lighting source for centuries. After that much time, anything is bound to go through a number of transformations and, consequently, become somewhat difficult to classify.


This guide serves to help you categorize the kinds of chandeliers Artisan Crafted Home offers. While there are other chandelier classifications in the world of lighting, we have found these to most accurately portray our catalog. While browsing our selection, these categories are listed under the filtering options.


Chandelier Types— Uplight & Downlight Chandeliers


Virtually all chandeliers are either uplight or downlight chandeliers, depending on in which direction the light shines. Chandeliers often referred to as ”traditional“ will be found in these categories, along with other styles. The classifications themselves are rather straightforward:

  • Uplight Chandeliers incorporate shades that open toward the ceiling, shining their light upward.
  • Downlight Chandeliers incorporate shades opening toward the floor, shining their light downward.


Chandelier Styles—Non-traditional Chandeliers


Chandeliers which cannot be classified as ”traditional“ have been given their own categories:

  • Cluster Chandeliers are designed by grouping materials, such as glass gourds and orbs, together into a form that is lit from within—cluster chandeliers are not often found in the uplight and downlight chandelier categories.
  • Pendant Chandeliers are constructed with numerous Pendant Lights gathered together under a single canopy. Many pendant chandeliers can be found under the downlight chandelier category.
  • Pendant Bowl Chandeliers consist of a singular, large bowl suspended from the ceiling; they are also classified as uplight chandeliers.