About Us

AC_Logo represents a family of artisan and designer products and resources for the designer, architect, builder and discerning homeowner. We provide the largest collection of artisan and designer products available in North America. Artisan Crafted is dedicated to bringing special, artisan made offerings to customers seeking handmade and unique products. Our artisans and craftspeople create a vast array of special products made with skill, craftsmanship and dedication to excellence. We’re passionate about bringing these wonderful, hard to find goods to our customers worldwide.

Artisan Crafted grew up on Whidbey Island, in Washington State, in a rural island culture surrounded by nature, forests, farms and beaches. The community is home to many artists and craftspeople, all of whom have a strong commitment to local business, local economy and safeguarding the environment. Artisan Crafted expands those values by featuring only human crafted products made with expert care of skilled artisans.



Part of the Artisan Crafted Family, Artisan Crafted Lighting features a catalog of handcrafted artisan lighting fixtures and custom lighting design services for interior designers, architects, builders, and home and business owners seeking high quality, unique lighting.