Dining Room Chandeliers

Nothing emphasizes a space quite like a designer chandelier, and it is simple to complement your décor with our comprehensive catalog of designs. Designer Chandeliers are one of the greatest underestimated lighting solutions.
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Blown Glass Chandelier - Tripod

Tripod Chandelier

Twig Chandelier

Starting At: $3750

Blown Glass Chandelier - Island Girl

Island Girl Chandelier
Starting At: $4325

Radial River Rock Blown Glass Chandelier - Gold

Radial River Rock Globe Glass Chandelier in Gold

Reverse Hand Painted Chandelier | Koi

Koi Reverse Hand-Painted Glass Chandelier by Jamie Barthel

Paris Suspension Chandelier

Paris Suspension Chandelier

Blown Glass Chandelier - Multi Iris

Multi-Iris Chandelier

Blown Glass Chandelier - Peony

Blown glass chandelier by Suzanne Guttman
Call for Pricing
Starting At: Call for Pricing

Blown Glass Linear Chandelier | River Rock | 4 Pc

4 Port Linear River Rock Chandelier with Blown Glass Pendants

Bowl Hand-Carved Textured Glass Pendant Chandelier

Bowl Hand-Carved Pendant
Starting At: $1485

Circles Fused Glass Pendant Chandelier

Circles Fused Glass Pendant Chandelier

Dining Room Chandelier | Alpine

Alpine Grand Onyx Chandelier by Santangelo

Dining Room Chandelier | Dahlia 10

Dahlia Onyx Chandelier - 10 by Santangelo

Dining Room Chandelier | Dahlia 8

Dahlia Onyx Chandelier - 8 by Santangelo

Entryway Chandelier | Sparta

Sparta Onyx Pendant Chandelier by Santangelo Lighting
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Elegant and versatile, a dining room chandelier adds beauty and function to your kitchen, workspace, gallery setting, and living areas to redefine and accentuate.