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The Art of Our Modern Pendant Light Fixtures

When it comes to handcrafted glass art, one of the most beautiful applications is in lighting. When a piece of artisan glass is illuminated to become a lighting fixture, its textures, colors, striation, and delicacy are all accentuated and the craft of glass blowing is at its best. At Artisan Crafted Lighting, we offer the finest handcrafted and mouth blown glass lighting, including a diverse collection of uniquely modern pendant light fixtures that will add beauty to any room in your home. What results is a one-of-a-kind pendant light that draws your eye, and adds the perfect amount of soft spotlight glow over a kitchen island, powder room mirror, office desk, or bedroom nightstand. The fixtures we offer on ArtisanCraftedLighting.com come in a vast array of colors and styles. Below is a small sample of our unique, modern pendant light fixtures below to get an idea of which style best compliments your home:

Miro Veiled Bullet Glass Pendant

For those seeking a modern pendant light fixture, the Miro Veiled Bullet Glass Pendant Light is a gorgeous and stylish option. The inner bullet-shaped glass is tinted a smoke grey color and veiled in an outer clear glass layer. These pieces represent the highest level of glass craftsmanship as they are completely free hand blown using no molds.

Spider Mica Pendant

This modern pendant light fixture, called the Spider Mica Pendant, puts a whimsical twist on a traditional design. Each panel is crafted from organic mica which naturally comes in beautiful amber and goldenrod tones. The rigid geometric panels of this piece are interchangeable and can be rotated to create a unique look with each piece.