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Five Fabulous Functions of High End Floor Lamps

According to Decorator, Sara Story, “When putting a room together, lighting is key.” We absolutely agree and are here to help you identify the locations where strategically incorporating well-placed high-end floor lamps can really make all the difference.

It’s important to have multiple sources of light in a room, and variation in dimension and placement play a huge role in light’s effectiveness in a room. Often forgotten or chosen over for trendy track lighting, chandeliers, or pendants, the versatile role of a floor lamp should not be underestimated. The following five important lighting functions can easily be performed by our beautiful, artisan crafted, high-end floor lamps:


Graphic of artisan high end floor lamps in cornerTo avoid squishing a sizeable sofa or bed in the corner of a room, use a floor lamp to break up space and add some interest. Floor lamps are also great to use in spaces where other lighting fixtures just won’t fit. You’ll benefit from the illumination bouncing off both walls, as well as the ceiling to provide much more light to a dull corner.



Graphic of artisan high end floor lamps near chairUse high-end floor lamps to spotlight a significant space, like your favorite sitting chair or a piece of art. In some cases, the floor lamp is as much a work of art in itself as it is illumination! Floor lamps are flexible over time and can be easily shifted, unlike another lighting which may be hard to move around.



Graphic of artisan high end floor lamps at entrancePlace a beautiful floor lamp at an entrance to your home in order to instantly draw attention as you walk in. More than just looks, a lit floor lamp in this location will be appreciated upon walking into an otherwise dark house in the evening.



Graphic of artisan high end floor lamps flankingTall floor lamps offer visual balance and symmetry to a room, making them ideal additions to either side of a fireplace mantle, bedroom set, or sofa. Their slender characteristics ensure that your line of sight remains unobstructed, simply adding only the pop of appeal you desire.



Graphic of artisan high end floor lamps near sofatablePlacing unique floor lamps near other focal points, like sofa tables, mantles, and display cases will ensure they are respected as high-end art pieces, as they deserve to be. Ornate or distinctive curves and colors of floor lamps can bring geometric and tonal variation to space otherwise using only straight lines and monotonous hues.