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Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts

When the Arts Council of Winston-Salem & Forsyth County in North Carolina first contacted Artisan Crafted, the non-profit organization was interested in fixing several glass pods that had accidentally broken on an unlit glass pod cluster they had recently been gifted. The beautiful glass cluster had previously belonged to one of their long-time supporters, Mrs. Aurelia Eller. Having served many terms on the Board and Campaign Cabinet, Mrs. Eller was happily prepared to gift the colorful piece to hang in the two-story circular glass stairwell of the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts.

Our customer service representative and resident lighting expert, Melene, discussed the project specifications with the team at the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts, and with our artisan’s studio team in order to determine the best next steps. As it turned out, all parties agreed that increasing the “volume” of the piece would enhance the overall presence and beauty in its new home, a large stairwell. For this project, Artisan Crafted was proud to work with glass designer Robert Kuster. The talented Mr. Kuster has been a go-to glass lighting designer for many different art glass lighting projects. His work is beautiful and our clients are never disappointed!

Mrs. Eller furthered her contribution by funding the fixture’s enhancement,  and so the Arts Council commissioned our team to produce an additional 60 bulbs in the pre-existing rainbow of colors (cobalt, green, amethyst, ruby, and yellow), and also to illuminate the pods from the inside to better activate the colors of each pod. A larger cage was also needed to accommodate the increased volume of glass bulbs fixed to it. The Council was preparing for a significant public event, and put in their order in hopes that their fun, new rainbow-colored chandelier could be in tip-top shape to show off to their guests.

The Arts Council received its new pods at the end of March, and successfully affixed them to the new larger and illuminated cage – resulting in a dramatic, stunning chandelier that was proudly displayed in time for their public event!

Look at the amazing difference!