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Design Trend: Artistic Lighting in Unexpected Places

Some spots are obvious locations for lighting in your home – above the dining table, over a kitchen island, on your nightstands – you’ve got those places covered. The trick is finding ways to incorporate artistic lighting into unpredictable places to really make a statement. To keep up with the trend, use the following design ideas which open up vast opportunities to creatively use lighting in and around your home:


A linear glass wall sconce that imitates falling droplets of water

Over Your Bathtub

You may not expect to see anything more elaborate than canned lighting in your bathroom, but imagine walking in to find one of these elegant, fun wall sconces or chandeliers beckoning you to your bubble bath. Pioggia Custom Linear Wall Sconce and Prism Chandelier


A turqoise and light blue murrini teardrop pendant hanging in a bathroom

A Vaulted Bathroom Ceiling

Take advantage of your high ceilings and ample natural light by installing glass artistic lighting in addition to a skylight or all on its own. A Murrini blown glass pendant light, shown below, results in a beautiful blend of glass colors and mini windows of beaming light. Amphora Murrini Blown Glass Pendant


A multi-colored glass sconce made up of numerous individual spiral- and bulb-shaped pendants shown hanging on a wall

On Your Wall As Art

Framed paintings and photographs have had their heydays on the wall… Enter: vibrantly colored hand-blown glass sconces. With colors and designs as diverse as fish in the sea, you can commission your 3D glass vision into a reality. You and your guests will be enchanted by one of these fun, unique pieces, which can be hung easily on the wall – and surprise! It lights up, too! Multicolor Wall Sconce


Tall Stairwells or Foyers

Whether your staircase is spiraling or grand, it can be a challenge to find an appropriately sized lighting fixture for a stairwell or foyer space. If yours is exceptionally steep, consider a cascading chandelier that can be scaled to fit your space, and customized with a variety of glass and finish options. Tamar Pendant Chandelier

A pair of uplit sconces that feature autumnal trees

By the Side of the Bed

Perhaps you prefer to keep your nightstand free of clutter, or it is simply overflowing with books and knickknacks? In either case – you do not have room for a bulky table lamp. Sleek pendant lights hanging on either side at bed level, or a set of wall sconces will provide the light you need, without the necessity of a traditional lamp. Consider the soothing, bedroom-worthy options below. Trees used Glass Wall Sconces

Outside Your Home

Artistic lighting does not have to be tucked away indoors! Make a bold statement by adorning your front entry or gate with a genuine hand-crafted piece of functional artwork, like this contemporary Skyline Outdoor Sconce. Skyline Outdoor Sconce


Beyond these seven locations, all the nooks and crannies of your home can easily be improved with lighting art from Artisan Crafted Lighting. Which of these unique light fixtures would you choose to make your home stand apart? Tell us in the comments!