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The Risks of Purchasing Imitation Chandeliers – Part 3

Part 3: Customer Service Differences

As we’ve discussed in our previous posts, we’ve recently found out that cheap, poorly constructed imitation chandeliers are being mass-produced in China copying our artisan lighting art pieces, potentially skewing a consumer’s choice of products. In an attempt to help our customers, we believe it is important to offer a side-by-side comparison of quality versus imitation chandeliers. Let our experience help you understand the variation and risks involved with purchasing “knock-offs” from Chinese manufacturers.



These images of our original lighting artwork were used by a Chinese manufacturer to sell imitation chandeliers


This series of articles have already covered differences in Part One: Shape, Size, and Production, as well as in Part Two: Glass Type, Density, and Luminosity. Now, we’ll let you in on the scoop about quality customer service.

Customer Service

As an online consumer, you simply can’t put a price on good customer service and support, both before and after your purchase. What recourse do you have if the product you receive is completely different than what you expected?

Anytime you shop online, the specific products you see in a catalog may not necessarily be the perfect item for you, and having the option of customization could be required for your particular design or layout. We understand that the purchase of a chandelier is a big event in your home! Every decision, from the colors, size, hanging height, hanging hardware, shape, and bulb style, are critical to your happiness with the product. Our lighting specialists are available to help guide you through all the steps to customize the perfect chandelier for your project and to make sure you have all the information needed to prepare for installation.

Additionally, you can count on our full support after your purchase.  If you need assistance during assembly and installation, have questions regarding care and maintenance, or ever need replacement parts, our customers can count on us to be available to help. It’s unlikely that you will get the same great customer service experience with an overseas manufacturer selling imitation chandeliers.

Although it’s never fun to discover that your unique artisan crafts and designs are being pilfered, we are certainly glad we’ve now had the opportunity to present and compare these items for you, side-by-side. Online consumers have an enormous selection of products to sort through, and always deserve to know the real story behind the goods they purchase. Now that you’re tooled with the information to make an informed decision, enjoy browsing our gallery of gorgeous artisan glass chandeliers and lighting art. We hope you’ll contact us with any questions about your future artisan lighting desires!