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Artisan Crafted Glass Lighting Repair

As careful as you might be, sometimes accidents happen! Whether it’s due to a move, seismic activity, or the neighbor kids’ rogue baseball, the beauty and appeal of glass lighting occasionally come with the potential risk of glass breakage.  Although all our glass artisans are highly skilled and always use the proper annealing and crafting techniques to avoid weakness and random shattering, all glass chandeliers, pendants, sconces, and lamps are susceptible to breakage if handled too roughly or if forcefully struck. If you purchased one of our artisans crafted lighting fixtures and have experienced a fracture or full break, make sure to call our Customer Service representatives to discuss the possibility of glass lighting repair or custom replacement pieces.

Artisan Crafted Lighting is happy to reach out to our community of lighting artisans to find the appropriate person to create custom replacement pieces for existing lighting fixtures our clients want to spruce up or repair.

Left: A leaf of an Italian Chandelier we recreated as a replacement for some pieces that had broken over the years as the customer relocated. Right: A Moroccan-style pendant light in which we are replacing the (plastic) diffuser with iridescent, opaline glass.

In general, we are limited to crafting replacement pieces on fixtures that our artisans created originally. This way, we can ensure that the quality and aesthetic standards are consistent with the original work and that we’re making artistic assumptions within a known body of work. When you call with your request, please make sure to describe the model number or name of the Artisan Crafted Lighting piece you originally purchased, and any of the lighting fixture’s dimensions and colors that will help us identify the correct solution for you. We will be happy to send you a quote for the price of each replacement piece, as well as direction on how to proceed with the repair. Lead times will vary according to the level of complexity of the project and our studio’s availability.

Stay tuned for more information about our custom lighting solutions, including retrofitting fixtures to accommodate LED lighting. Give our lighting experts a call today at 877-320-0800!