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Stealing the Show: Designer Lighting Fixtures

Cast of Broadway It's Only A Play with Red Fern Glass Chandelier from SinksGallery.comSometimes a lighting fixture is meant to take center stage. No really, check out our Red Fern Glass Chandelier making its Broadway debut on the set of “It’s Only a Play.”Alas, not all of our artisan lighting fixtures are lucky enough to star alongside Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, Stockard Channing, Rupert Grint, F. Murray Abraham, and Megan Mullally… but with the Red Fern as inspiration, we thought we’d highlight some of our other show-stopping designer lighting fixtures.

Casino Soffit

Modern eclectic hand blown glass platter lighting fixture This ornate ceiling display of individual hand-blown glass platters, bowls and vases makes for a stunning walk through any room, especially a grand hall or boardroom. Originally commissioned for a casino, this incredible piece can be customized to complement the color scheme or size of any room that needs an attraction.

Petite Satsuma

Modern Petite Satsuma Hand Blown Glass Chandelier This talented glass artist put a unique spin on the idea of a chandelier. With its subtle and elegant fruit-basket characteristics, these designer lighting fixtures will stop your guests in their tracks to ask about its brilliant arrangement.

Double Parachute

Modern eclectic hand crafted glass chandelier that resembles a double parachuteA thrill-seeking adventure enthusiast’s dream, the Double Parachute is an exquisite piece of functional art that captures so much personality in its fun, creative design. Each “parachute” is a hand painted plate of glass that has been kiln fired for texture and shape. The “cords” are handcrafted stainless steel with a beautiful patina finish.

Box of Bubbles

Modern chandelier box of hand blown glass bubblesMaybe you’re fascinated by bubbles and would be intrigued by the idea of trapping them in a box for close observation. Or, maybe you just love abstract, modern designer lighting fixtures…. Like this Box of Bubbles, a masterful play of LED light reflecting around the hundreds of hand blown glass bubbles. Talk about a conversation starter!

Tori Table Lamp

Eclectic Tori Table Lamp with Dubioni Silk ShadeNot all table lamps are created equally. With its off-kilter, designer dupioni silk shade, beaded finial, and hand-blown purple ribbed glass base, the Tori is a light that you’ll take note of. Even with the light off.